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Progressive Consulting is your single source for Telecommunications, Data, Video Surveillance,

Access Control, Home automation, and Internet presence.

Welcome To Progressive Consulting

Progressive Consulting is your technology partner, simplifying the technical details and bringing you solutions so you can spend your time running your business. We can assist with your telephone system and all of its peripheral equipment as well as wiring, your data networking, cabling, and computers, as well as your surveillance video and access control needs. We also provide Web design, hosting services, and cloud computing solutions.

Digital telephone some routers a PTZ camera

We Listen to what you want,  we don't tell you what you want!

One of the things that separates us from so many other technology companies is that we listen.  We don't throw out acronyms and tech-terminology and make your head spin trying to decode some fast talking salesperson.  We work with you to explore how you want things to operate and we provide the equipment and designs to make it happen. 

Whether you are looking into replacing an existing system, installing a system for a new business or location, or simply looking to service an older model with some issues, we can help.  We have the capabilities to provide premise wiring, Local, Metropolitan, or Wide Area Netrowking from the jack at the desktop to the network design and construction.  We can build surviellance systems to bring together your in-house video as well as your remote locations and even your vehicles.  Access control systems can be added for proximity cards or key fobs, and these can be tied into your surveillance systems and telephone systems, as well as control from the desktop or server portal.

The technology is changing rapidly among all of these products and markets, and it simply isn't possible to stay abreast of all the different options and benefits while you try to run your own company.  This is where we come in and can provide everything from consulting and guidance to complete system design, installation, and integration.  Where we need to, we rely upon experts in each chosen sector to bring their special skills to the project to ensure a quality job.

Often, we can offer suggestions that will allow you to acheive your goals and actually save money and time in the process.  Many of our existing customers have been with us for over 10 years.  Several customers started by using just one of our services and were so happy with the level of service we provide that they have brought us back to handle more of their needs. 

Our goal isn't to make a quick sale, we are focused on building long term relationships.  When our customers succeed, we succeed!.

Telecommunication Today

The telecom industry has really gone through some radical changes in the last 60 years or so, but the largest changes have come in the past 30 years.  When I began in this industry in the 1980s the telephone systems were mostly electromechanical, just one step away from these ladies pictured at switchboards.

some operators working a switchboard

Telephone systems quickly transitioned to electronic solid state systems and soon after deregulation and the MFJ they took the leap to digital.  Since then the transmission methods have adapted to the converging technologies, allowing VoN protocols.

Voice over IP

With the advent of the Internet and the associated technology, we now have phones that use the Internet and Ethernet backbones to carry voice without long distance charges, and to place off-premise extensions or link systems without wire-mile charges.  Some of these things weren't even a possibility without these new protocols.  There was no way to get a system phone a mile away from the system let alone around the world.  But if it is not done right it is a nightmare.  This is where we come in!

Service is our specialty and quality is our standard.

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