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Meet the Owner

I am Tim Payson and I started Progressive Consultng in Glendale Arizona in 2000, at the turn of the century!  Telecommunication and technology has been a passion for as long I can remember.  I am an amateur radio operator, a Ham if you will.  I started my first business in 1978 in Roxbury Connecticut where I grew up.  In our home I wired all of the rooms for telphones, I added a security system and a few other electronics. 

We had the privilege of being served by one of the independent local exchange carriers The Woodbury Telephone Company which began in the 1870s and remained independent until 1997 when they were acquired by Southern New England Telephone.  Because they were independent of the Regional Bell Operating Companies, they had the liberty of bringing in new technology more rapidly.  They deployed a digital central office which brought us Touch Tone dialing and features like Call forwarding (plus a few unadvertised features which we discovered through experimentation).

After leaving college I decided to become an independent contractor.  I worked for International Telecomm Industries, and then Farmstead Telephone Group (one of the first secondary market agents for AT&T) as a salesman.  I was researching some automated technology for a client and as if by fate, I was asked by one of the partners to go check out Cobotyx and their new product, a single port automated attendant.  There I met Peter Buswell, one of the founders of the company and ultimately, I became a contractor for the company.  I assisted with technical support, product improvement and marketing effort.  During the time where I contracted to Cobotyx I had the pleasure of working on the phone system at Teleconnect Magazine (a favorite publication from my early years in the business), and I met a lot of the people who would guide my career. 

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In 1997 I was recruited to work for Xantel Corporation in Phoenix and relocated from Connecticut to the Arizona desert.  Xantel was part of the convergence before convergence bacame the thing.  Unfortunately, they weren't able to get off the ground before the investors pulled out, so I was faced with a choice in 2000, cut and run, look for a new position, or take advantage of the vast business landscape in Phoenix to start my own business and get my AZ license.  Obviously, I chose the latter. In 2016, I relocated back to New England and settled in Henniker, NH the home of New England College near the lakes region of New Hampshire to be closer to family and my many New England Clients.

I have experience on myriad telephone systems from as small as the two line telephones that don't need a Key Service unit to the enterprise PBX.  I have maintained and installed systems by nearly every manufacturer in the mainstream market, including Atlas, Avaya/Lucent/AT&T, Comdial, Executone/Isotec, Intertel, Iwatsu, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Shoretel, Toshiba, Vodavi/Vertical, Xblue, 3 Com, and many others. 

Along with telephone systems which have always been our core business, I have also installed and maintained Servers, client computers, and all of the network components required to bring everything together.  I've installed the cabling, racks, patch panels, fiber optics, and designed complex networks.

Surveillance cameras and access controls were a natrual addition to our business, and we have a lot of experience as that market has begun its migration to the data network.  I have been enjoying the fast pace as all of this technology evolves and improves with each passing day.  The sky's the limit!  Where there is an application, there is an opportunity for me to make it happen and figure out the pieces that need to come together.  

Hey, we do web stuff too!

Because I love what I do and I embrace technology, I couldn't help but explore the Internet and the incredible opportunities it holds.   I can help you with your Internet presence from getting your domain names, to hosting your email and  websites, and even designing your website.  This website is one of ours, maybe you'd like us to help you?

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